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Black Pearl Triathlon

A mix of paradise and competition that will leave you feeling relaxed, yet wanting more. This Olympic Distance series will bring you to the island paradises of Tahiti and Raiatea, while challenging you with strong competition and well planned courses.

Maeva Tours is pleased to have been selected to provide a full range of travel services to the participants in the February Black Pearl Triathlon.

In addition to the excitement of this challenging competition, you will experience the wonderful people and culture of French Polynesia in a special and memorable way.

Of course, if your heart desires and your schedule allows, we can help you create a custom itinerary, perfectly suited to your tastes and budget. Stay longer. Visit other islands. Build memories that will last a lifetime.

To review our extraordinarily affordable rates, visit our Exclusives for more information.

A magical place where lifelong memories are made.

For centuries, Tahiti and Her Isles have been a place of wonder, unparalleled natural beauty and a serenity that has attracted visitors from the four corners of the world.

Her people migrated thousands of miles in open canoes, across uncharted waters, to establish one of the most remarkable and diverse cultures the world has ever known.

Their joyful and welcoming personalities, vibrant music and dance, exotic cuisine and remarkable arts and crafts have found their way into classic literature, the paintings of masters and countless hours of film and television.

The islands of French Polynesia continue to be one of the most desired travel destinations and have never been more accessible or affordable than they are today.

It is our wish that we might help turn your dreams of a memorable tropical holiday into reality.


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“THE TAHITI NUI TRIATHLON RETREAT A mix of paradise and triathlon that will leave you feeling relaxed, yet wanting more.

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Tahiti Nui Triathlon Retreat